Jinan Chengao Machinery Co., Ltd.

About Us

Professional Brewing Equipment Making Company From China

We offer Turnkey Project. We can help our customer choose brewery location, provide workshop decoration, equipment installation, brewing technology training and sales skills.

About Us

We have over 18 years experience in equipment manufacturing and our equipment works Stable and Reliable.

International certification: CE,ROHS,PED,ISO

Overseas work team

Our overseas team will provide you: brewmaster, engineers, trainers, logistics workers, marketing.

24*7 hours professional after-sales service.

We have more than 50 projects all over the world

Now you will not buy a single set of equipment.

It's a series of services.

Including actual site planning and layout, equipment installation and debugging in the later stage.

If you need, we will also provide you with the brewing technology training, products sales training.

Ways to brewing

We are keep improving the equipment to achieve a more efficient and higher quality brewing process, make the equipment to assist the brewmaster work, ultimately get the final good taste craft beer.

We offer our customers malt/lauter,boiling whirlpool conbination which is more and more popular in U.S.A.

Our standard size:300L 500L 600L 1000L per batch.

From classic German fermentation techniques to sophisticated Belgian, British or American techniques, Our equipment can brew all kinds of craft beer.


Personality customization

We can change the standard of brewery configuration and fulfill your order requirement according to your personal needs.

Fermentation and maturation

A very important part of beer brewing. Fermentation and maturation must follow strict temperature management and pressure control.

Only reliable equipment gives you the opportunity to finish the most complex recipes and tasks.

Our fermentation tank standard size:300L 500L 600L 1000L 2000L 4000L 6000L

Fermentation tank also provide customization.